A Personalized Shopping Experience- Meet Eli Kadosh

A Personalized Shopping Experience- Meet Eli Kadosh


Eli Kadosh and Ronnie Gilboa opened their first South Florida boutique in 2006, and quickly amassed a diverse clientele. Stocking their shelves with Bella Dahl, Chaser, and Brand Bazaar, in addition to a mix of new and emerging designers, Revival has become South Florida’s setter of trends. An ambitious entrepreneur with a total of 6 boutiques and growing, we spoke with Eli on his thriving business, expansion and desire to make women look and feel their best.

It didn’t start as a woman’s boutique, but that’s what “choose him”.

Walking into any Revival Boutique is like stepping into a shoppers paradise. From day to night wear, accessories and more, a woman can fill her wardrobe easily with just the right pieces to stay in vogue. In the beginning however, there was a diverse range of clothing and accessories for all, but woman emerged as the clear clientele Revival opened for. Revival Boutiques all have a social feel to them, like a big beautiful closet filled with your favorite clothes and most honest friends. The personal experience is exceptional and what truly differentiates Revival from big department stores or online shopping. While men may find their favorite piece and buy in in 5 colors, often time preferring anonymity, woman want diversity, they want opinions, they want to look beautiful and feel comfortable, and this is why woman flock to Revival.

Open air malls is where you’ll find our Independent Boutiques

Personalized service is priority number one at Revival Boutiques. Revival’s six Boutiques offer memorable personal shopping experiences, not that some department stores don’t, but there is something very comfortable about going into a store and seeing the same faces, who remember what size you are. Revival Boutiques are warm, friendly family environments that are very relaxed. Eli feels shopping should feel like therapy or a great workout, where you feel better leaving than when you came in. Seeing the same clients once a week, once a month, or even once a season, it’s our job to remember what the client likes, bought, and has in their closet. Eli says independent boutiques have an advantage here. While many people are frustrated with too many choices and struggle to find something to wear, Revival Boutiques steps in and thrives. Being able to listen to our clients feedback allows us to pivot, change or update very quickly; we have our eyes on the trends but our minds on what our clients want. This is where we gain the loyalty, our clients know our goal is for them to look and feel amazing and we will always have what they need to achieve this.

The Revival Shopping Experience

You are not just a shopper at Revival, but a part of the community, a valued voice, and a friend. Many of Revivals clients will often pop in to say hello, share good news or just looking for a shoulder to cry on. Eli intended to make Revival more than just a shopping trip, his aim is always the experience. From the cleanliness of the stores, which smell amazing by the way, to the large comfortable chairs and beautiful mirrors strategically placed to view every angle while trying on. Large Persian throw rugs to comfortably walk barefoot, and fitting rooms large enough to move around, every aspect of the experience has been carefully thought out and executed stupendously. Eli ensures this by visiting each store consistently and staffing each boutique with the best team of associates.

What’s New for 2023?

2023 fashion will be dressier but not dressy. Comfort wear has dominated the past couple of years as many started working from home and going out less, but this is all changing. “People are social beings” and 2023 trends are ready to shine. Denim is always a classic we carry and blazers are in. Chic comfort couture is a favorite among our clients; leather joggers, button ups, sweaters and more.

The shopping experience at Revival Boutiques is fashionably fun and satisfying. Eli and his exceptional team have done the legwork and we as customers get the benefits. You do not even need to know what’s in, you just need to walk in and Revival will fulfill you fashion needs. Stop by, say hi and see what the buzz is all about.
*Revival strives to evolve their offerings based on clients desires, this is where they stand apart from the mainstream stores.

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