Revival Boutique Owners Eli Kadosh and Ronnie Gilboa


Since its establishment in 2006, Revival Boutique has stood as a leading shopping destination in South Florida. We have curated an extensive collection of merchandise catering to the fashion-conscious woman of all ages. Each season, we bring you a carefully curated selection of unique and trendy styles, ensuring a fresh and exciting shopping experience.

Our inventory encompasses a diverse range of options, including denim, tops, dresses, as well as jewelry, accessories, and handbags. Whatever the occasion, from daytime outings to nighttime events, we have you covered with stylish and versatile choices. Our dedicated team of stylists at Revival is committed to assisting you in achieving your desired look while staying on top of the latest trends.

We take pride in delivering excellent customer service and creating an intimate and comfortable shopping environment. At Revival, we strive to make your visit an enjoyable and memorable experience. We invite you to stop by our boutique and discover the buzz that surrounds our fashion-forward offerings. Say hello and immerse yourself in the world of Revival Boutique.